BC Bounce Club programs offer girls age U9-U17 opportunities to play against the best kids and teams throughout the province and Pacific Northwest. Your child can expect to be exposed to high-level competition with equally as high coaching and teaching.


Club is for the player that wants to play in a competitive environment against other club teams through out BC and the United States.
There is a selection process for this program with ID Camps in the Spring - usually March - and in the fall - mid September


Tryout registration is: OPEN

Travelling teams and select local teams will be selected at each level
Players to teams will be selected based on their skills at each level
Every attempt will be made to have competitive teams at each level

Tryout's are at CBC Gym in Abbotsford

2940 Clearbrook Road, Abbotsford BC V2T 2Z8, Canada

ALL PLAYERS may be required to show proof of birthdate with some form of government identification at events. (ie: birth certificate, passport, driver's license, etc) Players without ID may not be permitted to play.

U9 - Born in 2011 or Later

U10 - Born in 2010 or Later

U11 - Born in 2009 or Later

U12 - Born in 2008 or Later

U13 - Born in 2007 or Later

U14 - Born in 2006 or Later

U15 - Born in 2005 or Later

U16 - Born in 2004 or Later

U17 - Born in 2003 or Later

U18 - Born in 2002 or Later

(2001's can play if currently in Highscool and Grad 2020)



1 - 124

Tournaments Schedule



Introducing our club prep program! Are you a baller? Can you hoop? Want a bit something more? Our mini crew program might be for you. Practice 2x per week, with our club teams and take your training up a notch! Tryouts for this is March 9th.


The School on Sunday is open to all players on BC Bounce club teams 

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"The School"

Sunday Sessions


Columbia Bible College

The school was the original name Mike gave to what is now called BC Bounce Basketball Club and the players will be working on various skills and games throughout the season

Boys and Girls
U10 - U11 - U12 - 1:00 to 2:30

U13 - U14 - U15 - 2:30 to 4:00