Our Camps are a great way to have fun and continue to grow as a Basketball Athlete throughout the Christmas, Spring Break and Summer.

Agassiz Camps

DateGradeTime PlaceCostRegistration
July 8 to 11Grade 1 to Grade 4 - COED9:00 to 12:00 Agassiz Recreation Center$155.00+GSTRegister
July 8 to July 11 Grade 5 to Grade 8 - COED1:00 TO 4:00Agassiz Recreation Center$155.00+GSTRegister


Techniques to work on in camp are as follows:

1. balance and footwork

2. Shooting technique

3. How to get the right arc on your shot for best chance of success

4. Lots of drills and competitions

5. Ladders in free throws and one on one

What do I need to bring:

1. A ball - we recommend you have the correct size ball for your child - see chart below

2. Water bottle - there is a fountain by the gym but having a water bottle on court is helpful at times

3.  Bring a snack or food for breaks

4.  Proper clothing and footwear - t-shirt and shorts - sweat pants allowed as well if needed- shoes have to be either court shores or running shoes