Club Training Academy v3

U8-U18 Club Team Training Academy // There is a new facility opening up at the Abbotsford Tradex called OPEN COURT. It can accommodate 6 volleyball courts and 4 basketball courts. BC bounce has been given primary access to these basketball courts. With there being no rentals in Abbotsford during this time, we feel very privileged for this opportunity and are excited for the security and opportunity this will give our BC bounce families..

With the uncertainty around competition in early January,  what it  is going to look like and what stage we will be in, we are planning to start our first Pre Season Club Team Training Camp open to everyone in the Fraser Valley which will start Jan 25 2021.  This camp will  give us a clearer picture for the club selection process. In years past we have run tryouts for club teams over a weekend, or on a certain day to determine where to place kids on club teams. This training camp will give our coaching staff the ability to see kids a little bit longer and help them find an appropriate team to play on in the coming spring. We can work with individuals on skills they may need to improve in order to be ready for the coming club season.

This training camp will also allow for kids that are currently travelling, or who belong to other clubs an opportunity to get their skills training in locally.

The training camp will primarily focus on skill development, offensive/defensive concepts, team-based concepts, and prepping our players for their future basketball endeavors. Depending on Covid protocol/guidelines, we may potentially bring in a few local guest athletes throughout the duration of the training camp to spread their knowledge of the game to our athletes and put them through a few workouts, stay tuned!

Points of emphasis for skills camp:

Shooting, layups/finishing, ball handling, agility, breakdown of fundamentals of the game, read-and-react (game situational awareness), competitions/games (as covid guidelines allow), team-building activities, and most importantly a FUN environment for the athletes to improve their game!

At the beginning of the training camp we will focus on individual skills and hopefully as restrictions lift  we can start competing with the intentions of going straight into a spring club season. We will be following all covid guidelines and protocols  and restrictions as set forth by the province.  We are hopeful and optimistic that we will be able to start playing the game we all love to play.

Hope you all had a great  holiday and wishing you and your family the very best!

**There will be an extra Co-Ed Session on Friday's. Message if you are interested in this. It is only for kids who want an extra session of skills on top of the two other days.**