Our Bounce Basketball League Programs are for players who are looking to improve their skills and learn the game in a fun yet competitive atmosphere with qualified instruction. The BBL runs 2 days a week and consists of 1 practice and 1 game day per week. In our practice session your child can expect to learn the skills necessary to play the game. The second session is a game a day where players will get to put what they've learned at practice and apply it to the games. 

Lucas Mannes - Chilliwack Head Coach

Coach Lucas Mannes

  Session 4 - Spring Session - "The League"

This session in NOT for beginners to basketball

Players involved in other sports, but have not played basketball, and understand the competitive aspect to games are welcome to register

The session are GAMES ONLY and the players are selected to teams and they stay with this team for the 8 weeks

We keep league standings and have playoffs with a champion in each division

We also select all stars and MVP for each division


The League Chilliwack-Story

Monday, May 22 - Victoria Day Holiday